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Quilt Market Fall 2014

Nov 8, 2014-10:44pm

I have just returned from my first US Quilt Market as a fabric designer for Ella Blue Fabrics.
It was a fabulous 3 days full of meeting customers, other designers and getting inspired!

Here is some photos of my booth.

Emma Jean Jansen 

Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen

and here is a photo my Mum took of me setting up.

 Emma Jean Jansen

It is a bit of a challenge designing a booth in Australia and then making it happen when
we arrive off the plane. Ikea comes in very handy as we can make decisions on
furniture and actually see it and then cross our fingers that it will be in stock at the Houston Ikea.

Here's a photo of Rosalie Quinlan, the other Ella Blue designer, and I on the Ella Blue booth.
Another photo my Mum took so sorry for the quality.

Emma Jean Jansen

I was lucky enough to have some dresses made by Cathi from Gertrude Made,
She designs and creates beautiful vintage style dresses usually from vintage sheets and fabric.
However she made some from The Linen Cupboard to help showoff my fabrics on my booth.
I just love this dress so lucky it fits me perfectly. Thanks so much Cathi!

Emma Jean Jansen 

 I can't wait to go next year and maybe I will make it to a Spring Market too!
Here's some more photos of my booth.

The fabulous fabric tea set you can see in the next photo is a design from Jodie from RicRac.
you can purchase the pattern here,

Emma Jean Jansen 

I had fun making some old school fabric coathangers. I used to have a selection of these
that had been given as gifts or made by my mum. I used to put my very special dresses
on them. I will use these Linen Cupboard ones for my Linen Cupboard desses!

You can also see in the background of the next photo my book shelf. I wanted to create
a faux linen cupboard look. My mum got busy and sewed hems on the complete range of
The Linen Cupboard so they could be folded around some cardboard to give the look of folded
linen. I was very happy with the result.

Emma Jean Jansen 

I also bought some Ball Mason jars and filled them with yo-yos made from The Linen Cupboard.
The blocks on the shelves are soaps wrapped in fabric. They made my booth smell delicious!

Emma Jean Jansen

I also made some super sweet apple pin cushions with yummy felt leaves.

Emma Jean Jansen 

Emma Jean Jansen 

The Linen Cupboard fabrics will be in stores in Australia in December.
The patterns I have designed from this range are available now from my online store

Nov 8, 2014-11:20pm

Robyn Muller: It must have been a wonderful trip, made extra special sharing it with your mum. I wish you every success, Emma. It is really exciting times.

Nov 9, 2014-3:33pm

Julie: Love your booth and all your colors!!

Nov 9, 2014-5:25pm

Lyn Colley: I just love this range - it is so fresh and colourful. The booth displays the range beautifully xx
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Houston here I come!

Oct 18, 2014-11:21pm

Only 3 more sleeps and I'm off to Quilt Market in Houston.

Emma Jean Jansen

To I am excited is an understatement and now all the work has been completed I am ready for it.
All my samples are made, booth design sorted, outfits are chosen and bags are almost packed.

Emma Jean Jansen
The Tea Set is a pattern design by Jodie from Ric Rac and it can be purchsed here.

I am looking forward to catching up with friends, hopefully making a few new ones and seeing all the new fabulous patchwork fabrics, quilts and amazing booths.

I won't get to blog while I am away, so join me on instagram and facebook to see it as it happens.
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Round the World Blog Hop

Oct 10, 2014-5:56pm

Last Monday I was tagged by Jodie of RicRac  to take part in the Round the World Blog Hop. A blog hop where bloggers talk about their creative process.
It's been really interesting answering these questions as it's not something I think about, I just create. Hope you enjoy reading a bit about my creative process.

For the last couple of weeks I have been designing and making new quilts out of my new range of fabrics, The Linen Cupboard. This range of fabrics is my third and I am totally in love with it. It is inspired by the vintage sheets from the 1960's and 70's and if you read my blog regularly you would have seen some of the projects that I have designed using the original sheets. Besides designing and making 4 quilts to promote this range at Quilt Market I have also been creating lots of cute things to have on my booth. They are all laundry inspired and should decorate my booth perfectly. I am on the home stretch now and leave to go to Houston on the 21st of October so I am starting to get a little bit excited now most of the work is completed.

Emma Jean Jansen

This is a hard one to answer and I have been thinking about it all week. I don't think anything is totally original anymore in both fabric and quilt design but the way each designer puts colour and pattern together makes it original to them. I am very comfortable using bright colours in my designs and try to use new colour and design combinations.

Emma Jean Jansen

I think the answer to this one is easy - it's because I need too. I have always loved drawing and colouring and made it into a career after doing a degree in Textile Design at RMIT. I don't think I would be happy if my day job didn't involve being creative. I am continuously thinking about new quilt designs and seeing patterns in everything around me. I am driven to come up with new block designs to create interesting and modern quilts. I have notepads full of fabric designs and drawings of new quilt designs and if I am not sewing I am drawing.

Emma Jean Jansen

As far as my fabric designs are concerned I try to find a hole in whats available at the time. My first two Terra Australis ranges were designed after noticing that there were no bright comtemporary Australian themed fabrics around. Australia had some fabulous iconic images and I just knew I needed to put them into a range of fabrics. The Linen Cupboard came from my love of vintage sheets and knowing that it was getting harder and harder to find them in the op shops. Also the quality of the sheets bought used can be a little inconsistent so I thought a range based around these was needed. When I design quilts I love to have restrictions as it forces me to be more creative. If I only have 30cms of 16 fabrics, I find I really push myself to create a pattern that uses those fabrics that showcases them in the best way possible. 

Emma Jean Jansen

The next blogger I am tagging is Janelle Wind

Emma Jean Jansen

The is one of Janelle's lastest quilt patterns called "Hello Happy" 
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My new fabric range - The Linen Cupboard

Oct 5, 2014-5:52pm

Emma Jean Jansen

I have been not so patiently waiting to share this new range of fabrics with you all.

I designed it all way back in January and it's been a long wait to get the sampling
into my hands. The new range is inspired by my love of vintage sheets that I
remember sleeping on at my Gran's house as a little girl and also collaborating
with Morgan from The crafty Squirrel on some gorgeous vintage sheet projects. 

I designed a range based around a large groovy floral and split the range into
3 colour ways although the fabrics do cross over. The range also includes slightly
smaller floral with a great retro vibe, a paisley, a single colour all over floral, a great ditsy daisy
and of course both a stripe and a spot.

Emma Jean Jansen

I have been madly sewing for the last two weeks to get samples made for Quilt Market
which is on at the end of October. This year I am actually attending and will have my
own little booth all decorated in The Linen Cupboard ! Can't wait to share the photos.
The booth number is 2414 for anyone going to Quilt Market.

Emma Jean Jansen 

I have created four quilts for quilt market and I hope to get them all completed
for we leave, otherwise I might be binding on the plane! 

Emma Jean Jansen

Once again I have been very lucky to have my Mum help me complete all the quilts.
I just couldn't do it without her and I am very excited that she in coming to Quilt Market with me.
It will be her first Quilt Market and I can't wait to show her all around.

Emma Jean Jansen 

The Linen Cupboard is available now for wholesale order through Ella Blue in Australia
and EB2 in the US. All details are on the Ella Blue website.

The Linen Cupboard will be in stores at the beginning of December! 

To stay up to date follow me on instagram :)

Oct 6, 2014-5:28pm

sue: All super and stunning. I am in love with this range. All the best for the Quilt market.

Oct 7, 2014-2:18pm

June Jung: Super excited to see your range Emma so deliriously divine fabrics and colours.
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Australis Diamonds

Oct 5, 2014-5:25pm

A few months ago I made a quilt using 2 candy logs of Terra Australis.
Candy logs are the same as jelly rolls, a pack of 2.5" wide strips.

I really enjoyed putting the colours together in this quilt and the silver
hanky linen really sets the diamond shapes off.
Of course I had to call it Australis Diamonds!

Emma Jean Jansen 

This pattern can be found in the current issue of Quilters Companion, No 69.

Emma Jean Jansen 
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