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Map Of Australia Cushion Tutorial

Jul 17, 2014-11:53am

Map Of Australia Cushion

Emma Jean Jansen

Finished size: The cross hatch quilting shrinks the cushion front and back in, 
to make a perfect fit for a 16” (40cm) cushion insert.


30cm zipper (approx.)

Iron on Fusible web such as Vliesofix or Steam-a-seam.

Spray baste such as 505 Spray and Fix for basting.

Hera marker

16” (40cm) cushion insert

PDF pattern for Australia Map, downloadable here - Map of Australia

Emma Jean Jansen





Cushion Front: 

Cut 1   12½” x 12½” square Linen fabric for centre square

Cut 2   3¼” x 12½”strips fabric for side borders

Cut 2   3¼” x 18” strips fabric for top & bottom borders

Fabric piece at least 9” x 10” for the Map of Australia

Cushion Back:

Cut 1  18” x 18” square Linen fabric


Cut 2  18” x 18” squares


CONSTRUCTION   ¼” seam allowance except for outer seams which are ½”.

Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen
  • Trace the Map of Australia (don't forget Tasmania) onto the fusible webbing, and remember to reverse the image. Roughly cut out the Map of Australia shape and then fuse it onto the back of the fabric selected. Carefully trim around the Map of Australia shape, remove the backing paper and position in the centre of the made cushion front. Iron to fuse in place. 
Emma Jean Jansen
  • Choose a thread to match the Map of Australia fabric and raw edge applique (which means just using a normal sewing stitch), around the edges of the Map of Australia shape. Sew as close to the raw edge as possible, and sew around three times.  
Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen
  • Baste the batting and the cushion top together with spray baste.
  • Mark the first two diagonal quilting lines with a Hera marker. 
Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen
  • Put your walking foot onto your sewing machine and sew the first diagonal quilting row. Stopping at the Map of Australia. Sew the second diagonal quilting row. 
Emma Jean Jansen
  • Set your machine walking foot with a 1” seam guide preferably on the left side of the quilting foot, and sew rows 1” apart, working out from the first diagonal rows sewn. If you do not have a seam guide on you walking foot mark all the quilting lines 1” apart with the Hera marker. Cross hatch the entire cushion top.
Emma Jean Jansen
  • Baste the Backing fabric and batting square together, mark the diagonal lines with your Hera marker as before, and then 1” cross hatch the entire back of the cushion.
  • Now the back and front are completed it is time to sew the cushion together. There is a ½” seam allowance around the entire cushion.  Trim any excess batting, around both the cushion top and cushion back. Neaten the the edges (with a zig zag stitch or overlocker) of both the front and back pieces where the zipper will be placed. We placed the zipper at the bottom of the Map of Australia.
  • Pin the two neaten seams together and using a ½" seam allowance sew  in 3" at both ends of the seam. 
Please note: I have used the images from the Kangaroo Cushion Tutorial to show how to insert a zipper. I did this as the process is exactly the same. 
Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen
  • Press the seam open along the entire length of the seam firstly from the wrong side to ensure the ½" seam allowance and then from the right side.
Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen
  • With the zipper closed place it under the pressed seam and pin the zipper in place. Try to keep the zipper teeth directly under the center of the seam and the pins in the directions you will be sewing. 
Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen
  • Attach your machine zipper foot with thread to match cushion fabric and start to sew at one end. The idea is to use the zipper foot as a guide to keep the line of stitching about ¼” away from the zipper teeth. When you reach the zipper pull, stop sewing, leave the needle down in the fabric and lift the foot. Carefully pull the zipper open for a few inches sew along a while and then reclose the zipper. Sew across the end of the zipper taking care to catch the end of the zipper fabric but not the metal end, complete the other side and end. 
Emma Jean Jansen
  • Once the zipper is sewn in, leave it open, and pin the back and front of the cushion together. Sew around with ½” seam allowance. Trim the fabric bulk from the corners and pull the cushion to the right side.  Place cushion insert inside cushion and admire your work.
Emma Jean Jansen

Jul 18, 2014-10:54am

Helen F: What a great tutorial! I have never machine appliqued before but will give it a go - you made it look so easy!
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Winter Workshops at Quilters Harvest

Jul 16, 2014-1:33pm

Last weekend I was lucky enough to teach my Harlequin Stars quilt in Warracknabeal.
The weekend was organised by Del and Shirley from the local patchwork store Quilters Harvest.

Emma Jean Jansen 

Here's a photo of the quilt hanging in Quilters Harvest.

I had two classes, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Emma Jean Jansen 

Emma Jean Jansen

All my students were very keen to learn how to foundation piece using freezer paper and
all the blocks made were so different but all beautiful.

Emma Jean Jansen

1. Casey  -  using Terra Australis 
2. Deb  -  using Millefiori by Sarah Filke
3. Wilma
4. Michelle - using Terra Australis 2

Emma Jean Jansen

1. Margaret
2. Meredith

Emma Jean Jansen

1. Pam
2. Carol

The weekend was very well organised by Del and Shirley including the most delish food made
by them too! The classes were held at the local football club rooms which had fabulous light
and were nice and warm.

Emma Jean Jansen

Thanks so much to Del and Shirley for organising such a fabulous weekend and for inviting
me to be a part of it! 
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Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair 2014

Jul 6, 2014-9:33pm

I recently attended The Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair with all my Terra Australis
fabrics and quilt packs.
I had a fabulous four days catching up with old friends and connecting with lots of new ones.
Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and said hello,
your support is wonderful!

Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen

Emma Jean Jansen

All my Terra Australis quilt packs and Cushion packs are now available on my web site as well as fat 1/4 and fat 1/8th packs.

Emma Jean Jansen

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Quilt in New Colourways

Jun 20, 2014-9:46pm

The lovely folk at Ella Blue got some of their talented sewers to make
two of my patterns in the alternate colour ways.

The first has become a favourite of mine.
It is the Waratah Crowns pattern made up in the outback colour way.

Emma Jean Jansen

The second is the ever popluar Nine Birds pattern in the Eucalyptus colour way.

Emma Jean Jansen

These two quilts and all the original Terra Australis quilt patterns will be available as
packs at the Quilt and Craft Fair which is on next week. Hope you can come and say Hi :)

Quilt and Craft Fair
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Wharf
June 26 – 29, 2014
Thursday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm daily

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Terra Australis 2 at Spring Quilt Market 2014

May 27, 2014-10:44pm

A couple of weeks ago, Terra Australis 2 made it's debut at Fall Quilt Market in Pittsburg. This is the 2nd range of fabrics that I have designed and it follows on from the first range of Terra Australis.

I wasn't able to travel to America but lucky I had the great team at Ella Blue and the wonderful Rosalie Quinlan (who also designs fabric for Ella Blue) looking after the set up. They did an awesome job and to prove it the booth was awarded 2nd place in the double booth catagory.

Emma Jean Jansen

My end of the Ella Blue booth.

Emma Jean Jansen 

These Australia Map cushions will be a free pattern on my blog very soon.

Emma Jean Jansen

You can see to the right side of the photo, a re-make of Lime and Soda. This is one of my most popular patterns and I still love making them. I think the rainforest colourway looks great in the circle design.

Emma Jean Jansen

This is Rosalie's end of the booth displaying her new range of fabrics, Folk Festival.

Emma Jean Jansen

And last but not least, a photo of the ribbon and plaque that the booth won!

May 29, 2014-8:25am

Meredithe: Congratulations!!

Jun 6, 2014-10:47am

Helen F: Fantastic - the booth looks brilliant!!!!
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