A New Pattern - Bronte's Stars

May 31, 2017 - 2:53pm

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I was lucky enough to be asked by Jodie Carleton from RicRac
to design a new quilt using her fabulous new range of fabrics called Rockpool.

Grab the pattern here!

I wanted to design a fresh bright quilt and also wanted to use stars.
It's been a while since I have incorporated stars into my quilts to I was looking forward to the challenge.

So first I got out my graph paper and pencils.

Bronte's Stars by Emma Jean Jansen

Then once the fabric arrived I started sewing like the wind!

Bronte's Stars by Emma Jean Jansen

Then basting!
I had just recently moved to Melbourne so it was a good opportunity
to see if I had room to baste. Lucky I did!

Bronte's Stars by Emma Jean Jansen

I wanted to quilt it quickly but I also wanted to do lots of straight line quilting.
I was working and teaching at this time so I had to quilt late into the night.

Bronte's Stars by Emma Jean Jansen

Then onto binding. I decided to bind with a black and white stripe - my favourite!

Bronte's Stars by Emma Jean Jansen

I named this quilt after my gorgeous girl Bronte. She is a 13 year old Golden Retriever
and unfortunately couldn't make the move with me to Melbourne.
She is staying in Ballarat with my parents as the move would have been to much for a change for her,
not to mention the lack of fences at my new place.
I think about her everyday and really wanted something to remember her by.

Bronte's Stars by Emma Jean Jansen

The finished quilt size is 185cms x 185cms (72" x 72")

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For retail pattern purchases, please contact your local patchwork shop.

Jun 6, 2017 - 1:04am

Pat Heney: I love Bronte's Stars...even more since I learned it is named after your puppy. We have two Golden sisters who will be 13 this summer also! I bought the pattern and am starting it, but I was trying to make the hourglass center out of two squares instead of 4 7/8" triangles. Could you tell me the size of the hourglass square before it is sewn into the block? Thanks so much!

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