Girt By Sea - Drunkard's Path Block

Aug 24, 2017 - 9:27am

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I can't believe it is my turn to talk about Girt By Sea!
Where has the year gone?

Girt By Sea Quilt

When I was approached to be a part of this project, I immediately wanted to do Drunkard's Path blocks.
The first reason was because it's my favourite block and the 2nd reason... because I love making them.

Girt By Sea - Drunkard's Path

The colours were chosen, I think they look like the sea!

Drunkard's Path

When I piece Drunkard's Path Blocks, I use three pins.
Fold both the bottom and top fabrics in half, and match together with a pin.
Right sides together of course!
I then pin both ends.
I find it easier to manipulate the fabric as I sew.
If you have the option of the needle down position on your machine, use it!
Sew slowly round the curve matching the edges of both fabrics.
I always place the larger piece on the bottom.

Drunkard's Path

With these blocks I ironed towards the dark side to make a neater finish.

Drunkard's Path

Look at those beautiful curves!

Drunkard's Path

I had the pleasure of sewing the Girt By Sea Quilt together so I was the first one to see the finished result.
I love how my Drunkard's Path blocks play along next to the previous round and in parts look like the Sydney Opera House!

Girt By Sea

What’s a quilt along without prizes!
This month, simply upload any picture of your progress (regardless of what stage your quilt is up to!)
to Instagram using #girtbyseaquilt and one lucky person will win a signed copy of my Book,
By the Bundle.

By The Bundle by Emma Jean Jansen

It's definitley not too late start your own Girt By Sea medallion quilt – just grab the pattern here from Craftsy and have some fun!
 It includes the colouring sheet, so you can much more easily plan out your quilt.
You can also join the Modern Makers Facebook group too!

Check out all the Girt By Sea quilts being made on Instagram by looking at the tag #girtbyseaquilt

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