Week 1 - Kiss Goodnight Sew Along

Feb 3, 2022 - 7:42pm

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Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Kiss Goodnight Stars Sew Along.

This week is all about choosing your fabrics.


  • Make sure you’ve purchased your Kiss Goodnight Pattern
  • The Kiss Goodnight SAL will be taking place on Instagram, so be sure your account is set to public so we can all see your posts using the #kissgoodnightquiltsal and #kissgoodnightquilt hashtags.
  • Let’s start off with introductions! We’d love to see a picture of you in your sewing room or space and hear a bit about you. If you are still working from home, I know many of you are, I hope this sew along will help you feel a little less isolated and a little more connected.
  • Post a photo of your fabric pull – in this newsletter we’ll talk a bit about fabric choices. If you’ve already decided on your fabric, posting a picture may help to inspire others.
  • Go shopping if nothing in the stash works – Why not support a small business? Most patchwork shops are selling online and they could all really do with our support right now.


Your first step is to decide what size quilt you are making. The Kiss Goodnight Quilt comes in 6 sizes, Baby, Small Throw, Large Throw, Twin, Queen and King. Hopefully there's a size to suit everyone!


This week we are concentrating on choosing fabrics.

The original quilt was made up using Heather Bailey's range of fabric, True Kisses for Figo Fabrics. I fell in love with the beautiful colours and stunning florals and it was actually the inspiration for the quilt! The large florals from the range were not included in the final selection, they were just too big for the size of the squares. This is something I always take into consideration when choosing fabrics for a quilt. As much as I loved the large florals I knew that they just wouldn't work with the block and I would be disappointed with the finished look of the quilt.

The background fabric is a small dot in a cream shade which I thought would be the perfect compliment to the bright colours.

For this sew along I'll be making the large throw size using Tula Pink's Linework range of fabrics paired with a selection of designer solids. Then to make the colours pop I'm using the tone on tone black from the linework range as the background fabric. I've already made a couple of blocks and I love the way it looks.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

For anyone that is interested, these are the Tula Pink solids that I decided to use. The fabrics had to be ordered online as we were in lockdown and I'm happy with my selection, however there are so many fabulous colours to choose from that so many other combinations would work too.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt by Emma Jean Jansen

Next up I had some fun playing with the layout of the fabrics and colours and I wanted to share them with you. The plan was always to use the black as the background, but I also wanted to see what it might look like with white too.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

Kiss Goodnight Quilt by Emma Jean Jansen

The next two images are where I had a play with the position of the white and black. I found it really interesting how much the block changed and also the possibilities for future Kiss Goodnight quilts.
How many is too many, just asking for a friend?

Kiss Goodnight Quilt by Emma Jean Jansen

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

Need some more inspiration? Well here you go! I had lots of fun putting these mock-ups together and I hope they help you with your fabric selection.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt by Emma Jean Jansen

Summer Days.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt by Emma Jean Jansen

I'm calling this one Summer Nights. It's amazing the difference a dark background makes.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

Moody Blues.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt by Emma Jean Jansen

Emerald Forest.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen


Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

I'm not sure what this one reminds me of but I really like the grey background.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

And finally my favourite, made using only solids and this is totally on my to do list.

 Hopefully you found some inspiration with these colour combinations. If you are still stuck, ring your local quilt shop and ask them to put together a fat quater bundle for you, easy peasy! There is also the option of a scrap quilt. One of my fabulous testers made one using all different fabrics and it looks awesome. Check it out below. She worked on one block at a time and raided all of her stash. Would you believe she's only been quilting for 2 years?
You can also check out the hashtag #kissgoodnightquilt for even more inspiration from my talented pattern testers.

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

Each week I will pick a winner from the posts using the hashtag #kissgoodnightquiltSAL to win a bundle of my patterns. That's three PDF's patterns, your choice!
I'm am still finalising some prizes for the last week, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, you can always email me!

Kiss Goodnight Quilt Pattern by Emma Jean Jansen

Next week we will be cutting our fabric and making all those half square triangles, so clean up your work space and change those rotary cutter blades!
Thanks so much for joining me on this patchwork adventure. Whether it's your first or 20th sew along, I hope you get some joy from creating alongside fellow creatives.

Emma x

Dec 5, 2022 - 9:21pm


Hi, Emma. I am new to the sew along. I fell in love with the original quilt using True Kisses, desperately seeking those fabrics for my Good Night Kiss quilt. I read above that you eliminated the large florals from the final project. Would it be possible to list exactly which fabrics did make the cut? Perhaps you have it listed somewhere already. Thank you.

No Sorry I haven't. I think from memory there was only the one large floral that I used on the back. It came in a number of colourways.

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