Week 3 - Wake Me Up Quilt Sew Along

Dec 20, 2021 - 7:26pm

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Wake Me Up Quilt Sew-Along

Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Wake Me Up sew-along. I hope you guys are having fun making your Half Square Triangles and that you’re ready to get stuck into making these blocks!

If you have just joined the SAL, welcome! Be sure to grab the pattern, read up on all the details and choose your fabrics soon so you can catch up and join in the fun!

Facebook Group

By popular demand, and to facilitate the community we are all in need of, I’ve created a new Facebook group for this sew-along. The group is already humming along, sharing pics of their progress and getting to know each other a bit better. We’d love for you to join us over there!


Welcome Week
Week 1
Week 2


Don’t forget to post a pic of your HST's on IG and be sure to the use the #wakemeupsal and #wakemeupquilt hashtags to make it easier for others to find your photos.

I love that lots of you have been cheeky and have already started sewing your blocks together. Some people have completed tops already! That kind of enthusiasm is inspiring so keep posting your photos for others to see.

You may recall me saying that this quilt was simple and quick. It’s the kind of quilt that once you start, you just can’t stop! The fact that a number of you are starting a second quilt (and that I’ve just finished my fourth) just proves it.

Check out these finished and almost finished Wake Me Up quilt tops:


This week we are going to be making half of the blocks.

If you are using Method 1 to piece your quilt, you’ll be making all of the Cross Blocks.

If you are using Method 2, you just need to make half of the blocks.

A word on pressing your blocks!

Some of you will decide to press your seams open, others will press to the side. Obviously, you should find what works best for you!

If you press to the side though, like me, and you’re using Method 1 to press your blocks, then check out page 4 of the pattern. This is where the secrets to pressing both your Cross and Circle blocks are revealed so that they nest nicely. Take note of the arrows in the illustrations, as these are your pressing guide. If you press your seams in the direction of the arrows your whole quilt will be much easier to piece.

If you are using Method 2 to piece your blocks, well… to be honest… you’ll have to make it up as you go along! I haven't actually found a way to easily make all the seams nest. One option is to make all your blocks the same way and then rotate them as needed.

To be honest though, it’s not the end of the world if you have to flip the seam as you’re sewing the blocks together to get them to nest!


This week I thought I might share the way I chain piece my blocks. If you’re anything like me, you feel the need for speed! Chain piecing definitely helps make piecing super fast and fun!

I usually piece 4 blocks at a time but to keep things simple I am going to give you step by step instructions for just one block.

First things first, lay out your block. Then you’ll need to take each row and stack the squares of fabric in the order you’ll be sewing them.

Next step is to take the first two squares in row and sew them together.

The trick to chain piecing is not cutting your thread. If you look closely between the pairs in the first photo you can see they are joined by thread.

Continue by sewing the next square onto the pair you’ve already sewn for each row.


Continue sewing the final square onto the end until all the rows are complete.

The 2nd picture below is of all the rows pieced with the threads in between the rows still attached.


At this stage I like to work on one block at a time, so I don't mix up my rows and blocks. Cut the threads and press your rows. I always press the odd number rows, 1 & 3, from left to right, and the even number rows, 2 & 4, from right to left.

Next up, sew your rows together!!!


Ta Da! A finished block!

Next week we will be making the 2nd half of the blocks.

As we enter Week 3 of the sew-along, many of us are exiting week 3 of self-isolation in the time of Covid-19. Here in Australia, lots of kids are starting their home learning journey and many parents will be pulling their hair out about Zoom classes and Google Classrooms.

Remember to be kind to yourselves – you are doing enough and this will not last forever. If you can’t make half the blocks this week, there is always next week!

And if you need to lock yourself in a cupboard with some stockpiled chocolate and wine for “self care” reasons then you’ll find no judgement here!

In the meantime, I do hope you’re enjoying the sew along and the community of fellow quilters that you see on IG and over on Facebook.

I really do love seeing all of your quilts come to life!

See you next week.

Emma x

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